Thursday, February 5, 2015

Turning 31

Last year was pretty great, I thought turning 30 really brought me closer to being comfortable in my identities (I have so many). A 20-year-old with kids is still new and untested (not necessarily true), but a 30-year-old with kids has seen it all, can tackle the trials with grace and aplomb (again, not necessarily true), but hasn't reached the hair-raising-and-graying stage of teenagers. So I was so glad to be in my 30's! Bring it on!

Oh, it's already been BROUGHTEN! (name that movie).  Joe's birthday was a Friday and Kari graciously shoved us out the door to go to dinner and a movie while she watched the kids. It was so awesome! We saw Mockingjay and loved it. Saturday, our birthday weekend, turned bleak as discontent moved in in the form of a storm cloud named Joe, and stand-offishness was unappealingly brought out in myself. We weathered the weekend badly. By Monday, my birthday, we had settled down enough to talk it out and make some great plans to move forward with hard work and appreciation, but let's face it: this birthday was a bust.

The good news is that birthdays are DAYS, not weeks or months, and although the days themselves were shot I think we've become better people, better parents, and a better couple due to the storm. The timing was just terrible. And that was our birthdays this year.

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