Saturday, February 14, 2015

Art nook turned mud room

Updates! Updates, finally updates. Our kitchen remodel has come a long way in a lot of months, working slowly - one hour at a time, one day at a time, which has eventually brought about big and beautiful changes. I'm sure there is a life lesson in there!

Once upon a time there was a wall and a door by our stove. One day Joe got tired of the wall and took it down! You can see where it used to be by the orange stripe on the wall and the missing tile on the floor.

When the wall disappeared, Joe and Kirsta decided the door needed to disappear...

...and re-appear on the other side of the fridge! Like magic, floor space was opened up in the kitchen so that Joe and Kirsta could put in some cabinets and countertops.

So in the cabinets (upper and lower), in went the counters, in went new tile, and in went a fantastic floating shelf that Joe built himself.

Onto the floating shelf went the microwave and toasted oven. Onto the floor went replacement tile (the tile was left behind by the previous owners when they did the tile floor, so it is a perfect match, it just hasn't gotten perfectly dirtied and worn in yet. Give it a month).

For a new space, new colors has to be picked. Kirsta enlisted some midgets to do the work.

They decided on a lovely greenish blue and transformed the dismantled kids' art nook

into a remodeled kids' art nook...

...PLUS mud room! Although still in progress, we are very pleased with the slow-and-steady progress! I still think it's true that we have the most fun as a couple when we have a project to do as a couple, so we've been having fun for a while now!

PSSSST.... if you read my posts one at a time, you can go back a few posts because I've added some pictures to them. Makes them a bit more interesting.

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