Thursday, February 12, 2015

Out, about, and around the house

Ethan was noticing things out the car window while we drove around town, but he has begun to refer to things not as "a" but as "my." For instance, a fire truck is "my fire truck." Most things seem pretty silly since they're not something one person owns (a bulldozer, a police car, etc), but we had ourselves a great laugh when, stopped at a light, he noticed a dog in the back of a car and immediately declared it "my dog!" Pretty sure the guy driving around his dog doesn't agree with that statement!

We were shopping around online for new seating for our remodeled nook and found stools from American Furniture that we really liked. With Joe's schedule free on Mondays we took an afternoon jaunt to the store to browse in person. While we were browsing Ethan got caught up looking at some of the stuffed tigers they have placed around the store; noticing Joe had gone on without him he began galloping (he doesn't run, he gallops - it would be even better if he carried around coconuts and clopped all the while) and called out, "Daddy! Daddy! Wait for me!" Joe and I agreed it was the cutest thing he's said in his whole life.

We ended up buying the stools, which shipped from Denver and came in yesterday. The stools were on clearance, from $120 to $55 apiece, which is a great clearance, but still quite expensive! When we picked them up I was happy to discover they are hefty, well-crafted, and gorgeous!
Turns out, $55 apiece was indeed an excellent clearance price, they are clearly worth every penny. I was so happy that I immediately set about unwrapping them all and enjoying the nook. The kids immediately set about turning the boxes into ships, hiding places, forts, and then kung-fu-fighting them to death. The seating is for the kids - kids' seats at a kid table - and was expensive, where the boxes were free; again proving that the packaging is better than the contents in the mind of a child.

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