Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Caroline turned 4

In my procrastination of blogging I procrastinated right over four birthdays! I thought I'd go from most recent on back, so we'll start with Caroline.

Caroline is now 4!

Fortunately nobody had gotten sick yet when she celebrated such an auspicious day, so we had Kari and her family over, plus our friends the Stegelmeiers and the Champans. Altogether it was 13 kids and 7 adults and our house is "cozy" and it was CRAZY! Balloon-popping, excited-screaming, cake-eating, wrapping-ripping crazy time. I was really glad we hadn't gone all-out and tried to have a formal party, the kids had a great time and my preparation was limited to frosting a cake and buying balloons that the kids blew up (aka I also had a great time and didn't go broke doing it).

 My taste-testers for the birthday cake batter

 Quality control is a YUMMY thing!

 Ripping open presents with our regard for the safety of others!

These days Caroline is a lovely lady. Over the summer she and her cousin Amelia took scissors to their hair, so we got it cut to match the length and she has been growing it out ever since in an ever-hopeful attempt to get "an Elsa braid" in her hair. No luck so far, though it IS finally getting some length back.

She is always my helper, she loves to help me bake and cook most of all, but is even happy to help me clean and vacuum and pick up her room. She takes great pride when her room is spic-and-span! I love this, because her brothers' room constantly looks like a series of bombs went off - one in each bed, one in the closet, and one by their dresser.

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