Monday, March 11, 2013

Time Wastin'

I have 4 busy kids and a kitchen that's mid-paint-job, so I shouldn't have much time to waste, but I manage to carve out a few minutes each day to do something I shouldn't - nap, read, scrapbook - anything BUT work on the *actual* project.  So the last 2 nights while Joe was at work I got busy scrapbooking, which I haven't done for MONTHS.  Thank goodness for painting cabinets, otherwise scrapbooking would never get done! I've also been engrossed in not one but FOUR novels, finishing "The Paris Wife" and "Water for Elephants" and still in progress on "The Sun Also Rises" and "A Moveable Feast." I don't normally bake, but this week I "found time" to make homemade cinnamon rolls AND 2 loaves of homemade oatmeal bread - soooo yummy, and soooo time-consuming! And why not re-start my canning hobby? That's right, I bought a 25-lb bag of carrots and got busy canning. How about blogging? I've been pretty good, right? Playing the piano simply HAS to get done, since I've decided to get some friends (who won't judge me too harshly) and have a mini-concert in May. When I don't want to read or scrap or bake or work on food storage or practice piano or blog... you can find me organizing our bar/countertop area (ALWAYS a mess) or cleaning out our magazine stash - I find it impossible to throw away a magasine unless I  I have fully reviewed it and torn out any articles/recipes/ideas I'd like to keep.  Then you can find me filing away those articles/recipes/ideas in my various folder.

NONE of which helps the kitchen cabinets get painted. Go figure. Can't wait for Joe finish up his work "week" and get me back on task! I need a little (lot) of prodding sometimes.


Elsha said...

At least you "waste" your time doing other productive things. I have a million things that need to get done. What do I do instead? Read blogs, watch crappy TV, and play games on my phone. Not productive at all.

Kari and Jonathan said...

I agree with Elsha! I have a million things to do and I spent the kids naps today watching Project Runway. Whoops.