Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cribs, Pueblo Edition

Ethan has REALLY started getting a move on! He wiggles and squirms and bucks and rolls his way around the room, and it's really fun to watch! Not so much fun for bedtime. No more swaddling (these pictures were probably the last time of the last day that I swaddled him), he gets out of it in less than 2 seconds. Now he rolls over and gets stranded on his stomach in the night and wakes up to let me know he's NOT happy about being face-down, so I have to do midnight rescue flipping. Rescue flipping means the cradle is done for so now he is in a CRIB! Not a huge step, since lots of babies start in cribs from their first night home, but we in this family prefer cradles. Or bouncers. Or swings. Or in bed with me. Not cribs. So now that he's moving and is in a crib my heart is broken, my baby is becoming less of a baby every day :(

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Elsha said...

He's getting so big!