Saturday, March 16, 2013

Good Mourning

Even before she was pregnant with me my mom says she knew I was coming along because she kept hearing a baby cry. She'd check on my sister Elsha, who was still a baby, and she'd be completely peaceful, so my mom would go back to what she was doing. Then she'd hear a baby cry AGAIN so she'd check on Elsha, who was still peaceful. So she knew I was coming.

What she DIDN'T realize was that it was actually just mourning doves.  Garrrrr! We have these doves around our house and they fool me no less than 10 times a day, ever single day. Birds outside when I am inside should sound pretty quiet so I am always surprised when I've been fooled twice already in one morning and then I hear some very loud cries - now I am 110% SURE that it's a kid and not a dove. But NO! It's the doves! At breakfast, doves. In the shower (I can hear them in the SHOWER! Of course, we have a window in our shower, which is right next to some branches of our big tree, so it's not *quite* so miraculous), DOVES. Reading a book, doves. Getting ready for bed, random dogs barking. Okay, NOT doves that time since the doves are quiet at night, but I always get caught thinking a small neighbor dog yowling is one of my kids. Does this happen to other people, or I am I just insanely easily to fool?

Don't answer that.


Elsha said...

The doves rarely fool me anymore, but I still think I hear a child crying several times a week that turns out to be neighborhood dogs howling, so I feel ya.

Kathy said...

Dogs howling and sometimes cats meowing. I have been fooled by both.