Monday, January 7, 2013

Visiting, exhibit A

Elsha and her kiddos came for an extended stay here in Pueblo while her hubs recovered from tonsil surgery.  Thanks, Brian, for weathering the surgery and pain meds so we sisters could get together! It was fun! It was loud! It was messy! And it was definitely too crazy with lots of kids around to even think of blogging.  But I'm back at it!  This is exhibit A of the visit, where I was working on taking down Christmas decorations while Elsha's baby, Daniel, helped.  I'm thinking it would be lots easier to undecorate for Christmas if we could just eat everything instead of packing it back up in boxes and storing it away!*

*Next year we are planning to decorate our tree in disposable items, as part of my less-stress. I got pretty stressed about the kids touching some of my more precious ornaments. We're thinking salt-dough ornaments that the kids roll, cut, and paint, gingerbread cookies that people can eat (a special request from Joe), and a garland of either edible (marshmallows) or disposable (paper chain) items. And a string of lights, which Daniel already deems edible, so it counts.


Elsha said...

I love them! He really did try to eat the Christmas lights every chance he got.

Kari and Jonathan said...

A disposable tree is a great idea!