Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Thoughts on Birthdays

Now that I've posted about a special family dinner, followed by a big party, I felt pretty guilty about how much we glossed over Eli and Caroline's birthdays. We opened presents a couple times here and there, had a cake but not friends, didn't really make a BIG deal out of anything. So we were talking to Eli abot his party for THIS year, turning 4, and I explained how he can invite 4 friends, and he was very pleased. He promptly announced he would invite "Patrick, Caroline, Mommy and Daddy! See? Four!" I guess Ethan will have to go to Kari's :) But PERFECT! He already HAD that party! The one I felt guilty about turned out to be his dream guest list.

For much of Patrick's party Eli stayed away from the action, hiding if it got too crazy (or if he was addressed directly, like in T-Rex May I?), and he often he and one of the quieter boys would go off and play on their own, quietly. Don't get me wrong, Eli's not what I would call a quiet kid, but he's not big into crowds of kids. Big crowd = little Eli, little crowd = big personality. Maybe we should just let him invite one special friend to come over when we do our family party, eh?

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