Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sloane Tanen

The book I mentioned, "Where is Coco Going," I picked up at a second-hand store, where I pretty much get all my books. So cheap! After buying it I realized it's even signed by the author, Sloane Tanen! That's pretty awesome! (Side note, it's the third book I've gotten from a second-hand store signed by the suthor or illustrator. Weird! And awesome!). But then again, why do I care? I didn't mean Sloane Tanen to have her sign it, I don't have any authentic note saying "yep, it was her!" so it was just a cool little tidbit about that book.


Until I googled images to find a picture for that last post, and she has written (and posed miniature chicks in) other stuff! Coco is a kids book, obviously, but these? Imma have to check these out because just the images are making me laugh and I have no idea what the inside contains....

"Hatched! The big push from pregnancy to motherhood." Image courtesy of

"Bitter with Baggage Seeks Same" Image courtesy of

"Going for the Bronze" Image courtesy of
"Appetite for Detention" Image courtesy of

And then, for good measure while I was browsing, I bought "Coco All Year Round." I'm very excited! It's a used copy, maybe it'll come signed :)

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Kari and Jonathan said...

Those other books look hilarious! You'll have to let me know if you get them. I think your other book came in the mail today.. Something felt very bookish.