Sunday, February 17, 2013

Not your average Valentine's Day

FIRST of all, Joe and I watched movies and stayed up til midnight, so he gave my my Valentine's gifts about 11 minutes into February 14th - some cute earrings and a gift certificate to the nail salon for pedicures! Best husband ever.

THEN, even MORE exciting, I got a new neice on Valentine's day! Sweet Avery Phelps.

I was so excited to be there again for Kari's delivery (that's 3 for 3!) and got to whip out my camera for a few special moments (while Kari was a little occupied). I'm sure she's got the whole story for you, since it's her story and all... I just got to be on the side of the bed and do none of the hard work :)  Just how I like it!
Immediately after delivery, still a bit goopy and a bit purple. Kari was freaking out at the color of her hands, which were quite purple, but the nurse calmed her down and sure enough, she went home with a peach-colored baby.  


 Quiet down, little lady :)
Getting her weight

 She's a 7-pounder! Not too shabby! Now let's see how long she maintains that weight... I guess 2 months.
I believe her actual length was 20-1/2 inches,  I'll have to double-check. I just liked the picture. Maybe worth faking some stats for just to scrapbook the photo, eh Kari?
A terrible picture, but the only proof I was there. It's really hard to take pictures of yourself at that angle.

After delivery, getting stitched up, and the baby taken care of, Kari got quite cold - down to 95 degrees (so I heard the next day). So she got all mummified in warm blankets and snuggled Avery in with her (waaaay down there in the little hat)

We visited the hospital the next day before she was released. The kids ADORE her, of course. What's not to adore? She's perfect.
 See that perfection wailing in my ear? She loves me :)


Kari and Jonathan said...

You got great pictures! I'm so happy because I think mine and Jonathan's are not very good. Thanks for always being there and being the best labor coach and taking the best pictures! I really truly would die without you :)

Elsha said...

Yay Valentine baby!

Kathy said...

I love your comment of Perfection wailing in your ear. That's love I tell you. Tell Kari I said Congrats!