Thursday, February 21, 2013

Singing, caught on camera!

We love Caroline's singing, but it's hard to get on video - as soon as you get out the camera, singing is over and it's time to be bashful!  So I've been doing my best to be sneaky; all these were with the camera in my lap.
I thought she knew the lyrics to Twinkle Twinkle... apparantly not!
She knows all three verses to Twinkle Twinkle (yep, there are more verses!) but only the first to I Am a Child of God... unfortunately, I don't want to remedy that because then we'd have to sing all four verses of THAT at night, too. Bedtime singing already lasts long enough, in my opinion.
I caught her singing as she woke up from her nap - it's such a pleasant way to be informed that she's woken up and is ready to start the second half of her day, I wish all kids were like that. Then again, she can whine like a puppy during a thunderstorm when she can't find her sippy cup, so I'm SO glad all kids are not like that... 

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