Tuesday, January 22, 2013

4 months

Seems like only a week or two ago I was posting Ethan's newborn pics, and now he's 4 months old! He's healthy, chubby, happy, hungry, loud, and pretty much the perfect addition to our imperfect family.

Hanging out with Caroline, his biggest fan.  She calls him "Baby Eban" and usually takes over whatever I put to entertain him, like she shoves him over so SHE can play on the exersaucer toys.  She even tried to climb in and sit on him one time.
 That big dome piece gets stuck in small collars sometimes
He tried his first solids, rice cereal, as a last-ditch effort to get him to sleep better at night. He wasn't  over-the-top interested, but also not disgusted, and has started sleeping better (knock on wood, it's only been 2 good nights) even without formidable solids consumption.

 Working on tummy time, he no longer spits up all over the carpet and rubs his face in it while he cries - major improvement!

Baby profiles are the best! Big ol' upper lips, cheeks that eclipse the tiny chin, turned up noses... I love it so much! I will miss someone letting me smoosh my face up next to theirs without complaint.

So dang handome. Jeans? Skull hoodie? (with little bear ear on it, absolutely no correlation to the skulls but I die with delight) I think this kiddo's 4 months going on 14 years. And pretty much nobody is handsome at 14 years old, so I'd better get it while I can!
Finally, having a chuckle with dad. Ethan loves laughing, but I feel bad making him laugh! Ethan, I am seriously doing the most retarded things ever and I am embarassed for you that you are laughing at them, they're not funny!  (But I'll keep doing them because I know you'll keep laughing and it's just so sweet) 

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Kathy said...

He is so cute and he does have such a perfect baby profile. I hope the food continues to help him sleep better.