Sunday, September 2, 2012

We're in!

We moved in to the new house!  It's been:

hard work
a little bit smelly

We bought the house knowing full well the extent of the smelliness (pet pee and smoke), so it hasn't been a surprise that to find a lingering smell here and there.  We did everything we could about the major culprits and the house smells 99% better, but it's things like opening the linen closet in the bathroom and catching a whiff of stale smoke... REALLY?! Did you smoke while you sat on the john?!? So apparantly every square inch needs to be painted, not just the major walls, to seal out that smell.  Since that's not something we're ready to get ourselves into yet I think it'll just have to queue up on the growing list of projects (meanwhile we employ air fresheners and open windows).  I just can't decide whether it would be better to work on these projects while pregnant and exhausted and with a new baby and, most likely, exhausted.  Eli and Caroline were good sleepers - we painted our kitchen cabinets when Caroline was only one month old, after all - so I'm leaning toward "new baby" being easier; at least I could lift heavy things and not have my belly in the way and get winded climbing those whopping 7 stairs! 

A few weeks ago my doc confirmed what those crazy ladies have said, I'm looking small for how far along I am, and I was measuring (from the outside) a month behind so she ordered an ultrasound.  The ultrasound confirmed that I'm right on schedule for the end of September, so no worries there.  Joe was busy with two sets of missionaries moving all our stuff into the house on ultrasound day, so Patrick came along with me and had a very good time.  Who knew a 4-year-old would be interested in ultrasounds? The cool part was the tech switching to 3D mode, which I've never had - this picture was particularly good!  I averted my eyes when she got close to any telltale body parts, but I think the face looks like Caroline, so I'm back to thinking "girl." I'd give it a 50/50 chance :) Your thoughts?


Kari and Jonathan said...

Girl!! I think on the 13th (or whenever joes parents are coming, I forgot the exact date) you should drink castor oil and we'll all get to find out! Yay!

Elsha said...

I think girl.