Sunday, September 9, 2012

Swimming, swimming, in the swimming pool. In September.

Yesterday was gorgeous! Not swimming weather, in my opinion, but I needed the pools cleaned out before I deflated and stored them for the winter, and the best way to do that is to get the kids in to swish around some water. Swimming it was! After about 2 months of ZERO pictures I finally broke down and bought batteries for the camera because I didn't want to be caught at the hospital and a newborn baby and no camera, like a shmuck. So now I have to take pictures of random things to make up for all that time lost - lucky you! Picture dump! Here's my kids splashing the afternoon away. You're welcome,.


Kari and Jonathan said...


You KNOW I wouldn't have gone to the hospital with no camera, so you wouldn't have completely missed out.

Eric and Amy said...

Just make sure that camera full of batteries is in your purse/ bag you're taking to the hospital!

Good idea to swim again before it all has to be packed away for several months.

Funny how kids want to see the pictures WHILE we're taking them!