Saturday, September 8, 2012


Caroline whined to herself quite a bit before naptime one day.  After she had quieted down we snuck in to see how she'd soothed herself - a hat.  Perfect! 

Eli and Patrick shared the guest room for a few days after we moved in because their room was the stinky room - we eventually covered every square inch in Kilz oil-based primer and guess what? Don't smoke in your house, it means you'll have to Kilz every square inch!  Stink solved.  So while we tackled that problem, anyway, they slept together and one night we found Patrick in this *very* comfortable-looking position. 

Myself, I've been sleeping poorly most nights because of contractions, painful enough to wake me up but certainly nothing regular enough to bother timing.  Mostly I half wake and start counting (who knows why, you need to count time BETWEEN contractions) and as soon as one tapers I am back snoring and counting sheep instead. As much as I hate it I figure it's much better to do small amounts over many nights than to labor for a few painful hours at once and go to the hospital and find out I'm only at a 3 or 4, so I'll put up with it a while longer. 21 days until the official D-Day, but I gave Joe 97% odds that it'll be within the next 14. Those odds may be aided by some castor oil :)


Kari and Jonathan said...

My favorite is that Caroline is hugging a pound puppy with your boys' underwear on it!

Elsha said...

How can he even sleep like that?!