Friday, September 14, 2012

Jealous? You should be

Jonathan was getting rid of a shelf that had sat in his workshop for a while; it was pretty rough but they offered it to us before donating it or throwing it away.  I initially declined because I've been trying to pare down our shelves - we have (well, had) a number that were just cheap and obnoxious and unmatching, so I told them to donate it.  They had it out on their drive when a homeless man, as Jonathan describes it, asked if they could hold the shelf for him and he'd be back with a truck.  What truck? For what house? But sure, they'd hold it for a few days. Meanwhile I visited Kari's house (weird, we NEVER hang out!) and saw the shelf and it wasn't flimsy or cheap like the ones I was getting rid of, this was a shelf with POTENTIAL! (It was also a shelf with dirt, grime, leaves, and some mouse poop on it). So I said if the homeless guy never showed I WOULD take the shelf. 

Joe said I was a hoarder.  The homeless guy never showed.

Well who's the hoarder NOW, punk?  Cutest shelf ever!


Elsha said...

"Joe said I was a hoarder. The homeless guy never showed." By far my favorite part of this post. Cute, by the way!

Kari and Jonathan said...

I'm not jealous, just happy it could be of use to someone. I'm so grossed out that there was mouse poop on it! I'll have everyone know that it was NEVER in our house, just Jonathan's workshop.