Friday, September 21, 2012

Stubborn baby bugs me - bummer

Getting enough sleep is tricky since I have to get up multiple times each night, but every time I wake up it wakes the (still unborn) baby up and then it's all awake and crazy in my belly so it's like trying to fall asleep with a squirrel up my shirt.  Not exactly relaxing. I still can't believe how active this pregnancy has been! So Joe was watching the action with me last night and it was so gross... I just had to take a video.

And yes, if the baby doesn't get the show on the road I'm being induced on Sunday.  I realize there are plenty of viewpoints on this but I'm sticking to it, for reasons which are mine and not yours, so I haven't mentioned it because it's not really up for discussion.  I don't mean to sound defensive and rude, but I seriously mentioned it to my neighbor who acted like it was a personal attack on her that I am getting induced.  "Ummmm, are you full term? (eyebrows raised to her hairline as she looked down her nose) Because you don't look very big."  Yeah, lady, 39 weeks and 4 cm dialated and you're the 18th person to say that I'm not big but trust me, I'm FINE.  So Sunday it is! 


Elsha said...

Well, in neighbor lady's defense- you don't look very big. Like, much smaller than you looked with your other three. (Weird, right?)

Every time the phone rings I still think it's going to be you or Kari calling to say baby is on the way.

Kari and Jonathan said...

I might be crazy but I definitely think you look full term. Not fat, not a waddling hippo, which your neighbor probably was, but there's definitely a good size baby in that belly! You look great and your neighbor is jealous. Now you'll probably go into labor tonight after defending yourself. :) can't wait to meet baby!

Kathy said...

It is kind of nice doing the induced thing if you haven't gone into labor. You can have a plan for your other kids, you can relax and hopefully that will take the edge off because there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There are good things about it. I love that you took a video of your baby moving in your belly. It was awesome.

Eric and Amy said...

Espen never moved in my belly enough to see it from the outside. Sometimes it felt like it would be obvious, but it never was. Crazy! Cool you captured it on video.

In defense of neighbor lady, sometimes pregnant mommas get so uncomfortable they forget how important the last couple of weeks are for development. But 39 weeks is good to go!

emily said...

That video is crazy! :) And boo to nosy neighbor lady. Keep your opinions to yourself. Sheesh!