Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sweet dreams

We bought some new beds!

First, we threw out our old king-size mattress in Thornton because it was super-duper old and partially eaten by a dog that is since long-gone to the ex-girlfriend who helped buy the super-duper old mattress. That mattress SERIOUSLY needed to go. Here, we're renting from family-of-my-family and they had a king-size mattress we could use the in the meantime, so we're been sleeping on that.  "That" is about the same comfort level as a slab of granite.  I didn't know they even MADE beds that level of "firm," I thought they'd figure you could just buy a sheet of plywood and sleep on it instead! Or tuck some sheets around the box springs!  But nope, it's a bona-fide mattress and we've been killing our backs on it since we moved here.  Specifically, MY back has been killed, so I suggested we do a little shopping this weekend.  We ended up with something-or-other from Denver Mattress - the "Telluride," I believe, but each mattress is named for a Colorado town that has no correlation to the mattress amenities, so who knows what it's called, I just remember it wasn't the "Pueblo." All I know is it is WONDERFUL. Telluride is nice, too, but this mattress has saved me.  Individually-wrapped springs so you don't disturb the whole bed when you toss and turn - which I have done none of! I woke up after 6 hours in exactly the same position I fell asleep in! In fact, it's why I'm writing this near midnight, because I have had such good sleep I wake up feeling rested in the morning! So now I'm all rested from last night and making bad choices staying up late.  Ahhhh, c'est la vie. And my back is much better, thank you.

The less-condusive-to-sleep bed is THIS:
Well, the one we bought is silver with a green tent, but YAY! Now the kids will NEVER go to sleep after we put them in their beds! We couldn't help ourselves (and we could hardly pull the kids off it when it was time to go), but it was perfect - we'd been planning to build our own bunk beds because we didn't want something full-height, but we did want cool features like a slide and/or a tent, and this has BOTH! And, let's face it, do-it-yourself projects usually cost more money rather than saving you some.  I LOVE DIY, but that's the honest truth (see my knitted blanket next time, it's run me $25 so far when I could buy a cute new blanket for $15 at Target). Plus it fits Eli's toddler bed perfectly underneath, so we are SET!  Now I think I might get crafty and stitch together some awesome changeable tent flaps, like a Jurrasic scene so they could hide and play dinos all day.  Then again, I might just have a baby and call it "good enough."  We are not picking up the new bed until our house is bought and paid for, carpets ripped out, reinstalled, and all the walls painted (previous owners were smokers, thanks Mr. Camel), but we are on the edge of our seats (or beds) to get it home.

By the way, I love how they couldn't decide who would be using this room in the photo.  Little kid furniture, with a baseball glove and bat (obviously for an older kid who would be too big for the slide), decorated with sleek built-in shelves filled with frames, which you just wouldn't do in a kids room.  Those cubbies would be filled with books or toys, not breakables.  If we can't please everybody, we should try to please nobody, hm? 


Elsha said...

That bed is awesome! My kids would definitely never go to sleep.

Kari and Jonathan said...

Your kids are definitely never going to go to bed! Or maybe just for like a week and then they'll never play on it again like most kids with cool toys. Anyway- I'm sure my kids will have fun on it too! Yay!