Tuesday, July 10, 2012

No fear

Caroline loves the park, particularly the slides and ESPECIALLY the swings, which both produce "wheeeeeeeee!"s of joy from her.  Now she's taken to saying "wheeeeee!" when things are fun or exciting in general.  Dance party with mom? "Wheeeeee!" Rocking her high chair extra hard at the table? "Wheeeeeee!" And yesterday she fell down the two stairs into the dining room and, face down on the floor, came a muffled "wheeeeee!" 

Eli continues to be scary athletic and not afraid of, or hurt by, much of anything (except the furnace/vent system in the basement, which he is terrified of). At the park Joe had hung him up on a large wheel, it just spins in a circle about 6 feet off the ground while you hang on for dear life, and Eli slipped off and fell smack on his belly.  We, of course, had "oh, no!" looks on our faces but Eli just looked up, spit, and laughed "I got bark in my mouf!"

These kids are daredevils.

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Kari and Jonathan said...

Your kids ARE crazy, and definitely nothing phases Eli. He's a beast. Caroline's "wheee" down the stairs made me laugh!