Monday, July 16, 2012

Eli update

Eli is lots of fun to talk to these days, and he turned out to be pretty fun to interview (even though it's not any kind of age milestone for a traidtional-type interview).  He really does love juice and goldfish and the Avengers, though he seemed to lose his focus about Captain America.  From our many packing boxes we made Patrick and Eli C.A. shields, which they decorated and then flung around the yard at attacking trees and squirrels and such, so he DOES like him, he's just not obsessed like he makes out to be.  Here's some Eli-isms:

-Running into people on purpose, saying "I boomed you!"
-Talking SO LOUD.  It's often embarassing and almost always annoying, but it sure is his style!
-Wrestling his siblings.  Not because they want to, just because they're there to sit on and squash.
-Doing anything Patrick does - coloring, dinosaurs, trucks, building blocks, and watching Avengers
-Eating the BIGGEST BITES.  Every single meal he amazes us with how much he can cram onto a single forkful and, consequently, into his mouth
-Getting into trouble with water, whether it's turning on the hose, the sink, or finding a random puddle, he ALWAYS is making a mess with it. The only time he doesn't get wet is, of course, the splash park.
-Terrified of dogs of any shape or size.  Dogs the size of a housecat are just as terrifying as ones the size of a horse.  He is not afraid of housecats, even Sampson, Kari's neighbor cat who bites.
-Bedtime/time-out champion.  He doesn't make a peep, even when I put him in timeout for extended periods so I can cool down, and no matter WHAT time I lay him down he just asks "is it my naptime?" and doesn't make a fuss. It is WONDERFUL.
-I lied, he DOES fuss about two things at bedtime/naps: WARM CHOCOLATE milk (HE has to push the microwave button, he HAS to sit on the counter while it nukes, and HE has to add the chocolate mix), and his toy gun.  It's a cap gun so you can pull the trigger, and he uses it to "shoot the brown bear." Can't sleep without either of those two items, but it's a small price for zero fights.
-Terrible eczema.  It's been more than a year of terrible-ness, so I think he may have it for life.  I envision him moving to a wetter state when he gets older, there's just no hope in Colorado.
-Being obsessed with poop.  Are there other toddlers like this, I assume? He needs to see (and smell) Caroline's poopy diapers, he relishes checking her diaper for me if she's funky, he alone can flush his poop down the potty, and he identifies each potty break - "I poop a spitting cobra!" or "I poop a fossil!" or some other such interesting thing.
-Being cuter and more live-with-able than I think a 2-year old has a right to be.  We often have to remind ourselves that he is only two; he's very "mature" for his age (so, like a 3-year old). Minus the poop obsession.

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Kari and Jonathan said...

Eli definitely is moving up on my list of favorites. He is so full of personality! I'd say his voice immodulation is my very favorite. Cracks me up every time.