Sunday, July 15, 2012

At long last, a picture

While getting a picture of Kari's kids with numbers (you might know the ones to which I am referring) Patrick wanted to draw some numbers and take some pictures of his own!  He's obviously age 4 and not 3, but he was copying me (complete with polka-dots), so we'll just pretend those are the kids' ages.  Cute stuff, eh? And by "cute stuff" I'm mostly referring to Caroline's pigtails, which are SO CUTE to me, she's finally getting enough hair for a decent hair-do!

As Eli says when he's excited, "HoorayHoorayHooray!"


Kari and Jonathan said...

Caroline's piggies are dang cute! I love when their hair is long enough to put up, even though I'm the worst at doing Amelia's hair. Good numbers, Patrick!

Eric and Amy said...

We didn't get a picture of Kari's kids with numbers, but we saw one at John and Linda's.

Those pigtails are darn cute!

Kathy said...

Those pig tails are to die for!