Sunday, April 1, 2012


I scheduled that last post WAY in advance so I'd have time to get the pics off my camera, which had dead batteries, but I can't use the SD card because Joe's laptop doesn't accept SD cards, but you can't use the cord adaptor unless the batteries work, blah blah BLAH... and then the time came and went and it posted all by its lonesome, with no pictures.  Sorry!  But I updated, so check it back out.

Meanwhile, here are gratuitous pictures, gleaned from Joe's laptop (having a computer we rarely use can yield some fun surprises!).  While we now have 9 wonderful grandbabies in the family, remember the original 3? Man, those were some good times :)  Here's my original pregnancy.  Long hair! Chubby cheeks! Skinny husband!  Good memories.

My original handsome man.

Espen was next, with spectacular hair.

Kalena rounded out the 1st round by adding some estrogen to the mix

I about died laughing at this picture.  Ahhhh, good times!
Hope you enjoyed!


Elsha said...

Funny thing, I looked at that first picture before reading the first part and thought- Wait! That shirt is here!

So yeah, old picture, that makes sense.

Kari and Jonathan said...

I'd like to go ahead and take credit for all those pictures :) except the one I'm in, of course. I LOVE looking back at old pictures off all the kids. It's great to walk down the memory lane of the past 4 years!

Eric and Amy said...

Fun, fun!