Monday, April 16, 2012


Maybe it's crazy pregnancy hormones. Maybe it's the radio's fault and they overplay songs (and artists). Maybe it's that country music has gone down the toilet.

Whatever the reason, while I can hardly stand to listen to country stations these days! And we have 5 of them!  It's driving me NUTS because country is pretty much all I listen to since the alternative stations here tend to stink even WORSE than country.  Here is my Most Hated List (again, could be the hormones):

Kenny Chesney.
 I hate every. single. one of his songs.  Ironically enough, "She thinks my tractor's sexy" made me LIKE country music.  Now, 12 or so years later, I even hate THAT song, simply because he sings it.  There are 3 things, specifically, that make my hand shoot to the radio to change the station when Kenny comes on:

1) Each song is a variation of the same theme, "I don't want to grow up so I'm going to drink and sit my butt on a beach."  I canNOT get behind that theme.  Sorry, just can't swallow it.  It drives me crazy enough that it's pretty much how our generation acts on the whole, so why would I want to listen to people glorify it in song?  Well, I wouldn't.

2) He married Renee Zellweger.  Then they mysteriously divorced as she filed for fraud.  I pretty much dislike all of her movies, so how can I like the person that married such an atrocious actress? And how could I possibly respect you if SHE divorced YOU? Well, I can't.

3) I read he has a 29" waist.  Maybe it was even 28" or 27" (it was a long time ago).  I dated a guy (*cough*loser*cough*) that had a similar waist size, and he was all arrogant about it.  I imagine Kenny being all arrogant about his, too.  Perhaps he's not (though based on how many pictures he has his shirt ON in, I doubt that), but how can I listen to such an arrogant, shirtless jerk?  Again, I can't.

Zac Brown Band
Did I mention I hate hearing glorified immaturity in song?  Because again, that is every single song they sing! ""Had sweet love but I lost it, she got too close so I fought it..."  IMMATURITY " I'm knee deep in the water somewhere, got the blue sky, breeze blowin' wind through my hair..." SO I'M GOING TO GRAB A BEER AND SIT MY BUTT ON THE BEACH.  ARRRRRGGGGGHHH!  Zac, I hate you.  My hormones hate you, too.

Blake Shelton
Blake, Blake, Blake, I have loathed you a long time.  Any time a guy says (or sings) "Don't make me..." you should run away.  I run away from his songs, but unfortunately he has some catchy tunes so I'm totally torn - do I listen to the songs because they're catchy, or do I change the station because in my heart I'm pretty sure you're a jerk? How can I honestly listen to a jerk sing love songs?  It's a lie! It's all a lie!

Taylor Swift
If I don't like to listen to a jerk sing love songs, I am seriously ill whenever I hear a new song and it turns out it's Taylor Swift because even though it's new it's like I've already heard it. I have to give this girl SERIOUS credit first - she's a talented musician, good voice, and YOUNG to be doing all this (and managing fame so well!), but could you pleasepleasePLEASE make a song where you're not swooning about love? Crying about lost love? Burning pictures of your previous love? Running through the rain to your future love? SERIOUSLY?!

And the trouble is, I kid you not, 9 out of 10 songs played on EACH of those danged 5 country radio stations is by one of these people.  So I have some serious trouble listening to the radio these days and have switched to listening to classical music.  It lowers my blood pressure... at least until country music gets that toilet unclogged.

On a BRIGHT note, who else is in love with Eric Church's "Springsteen?" Me! Me!


Kari and Jonathan said...

That's so awesome that you're having pregnancy aversions to something besides food! Lol, I've never heard of that. I agree about country music, unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I haven't listened to the radio in about 2 1/2 years because of my music demanding child. Anyway- you keep on listening to classical. It keeps your head clear and makes your kids smarter! :)

Kathy said...

You are so funny! I agree with your assessment of it all.

Elsha said...

This is great. And I had totally forgotten about Kenny Chesney marrying Renee Zellweger. I must have blocked it.

Should I send you a mix cd?

Eric and Amy said...

You are too funny! Ready for an ipod?