Sunday, April 8, 2012

Obligatory Easter post - you know you want it!

Easter came and went with hardly any pictures at all!  I finally charged those camera batteries, and there they stayed - in the charger.  I finally put camera and batteries back together, AFTER the primary Easter egg hunt yesterday, AFTER finding Easter baskets this morning, AFTER church, AFTER delicious lunch, and AFTER our backyard egg hunt... so I got a couple random ones this afternoon.  You'd never know it was Easter, except that I'm labeling it as such!  Also, pretty dresses on the ladies :)
Joe invited his grandma, Eva, over for lunch, so he and the kids picked her up immediately after church (she lives about 15 minutes away) and brought her to our house.  He had cooked up a lovely roast leg of lamb and I put together some sides of sweet potatoes and asparagus, then Eva brought over an apple cake... but why list it all when I could simply say we GORGED ourselves on good food?  Let's just say that!  
The kids ran off their meal by hunting for eggs, swinging, enjoying getting Easter (the bunny) "out" (notice: still in a cage!), and eating more treats.  

WAIT... doesn't that NOT burn off food to eat more food?  That's what I thought, but whatever. 

This was about the best smile I could get out of Eva. Rumor has it, her birthday was this weekend - the big 8-0!  Happy birthday, Eva!  Come on over any time for leg of lamb :)
 And happy Easter to all!

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Kari and Jonathan said...

Super cute pictures! I love Caroline's pretty dress with sneakers! I'm guessing (hoping) she didn't wear those to church ;)
Happy Easter!