Saturday, March 31, 2012

What? New Carpet?

 *Newly reposted!  I bet this didn't make much sense without pictures, eh?*

In my strep haze I seem to have forgotten all about posting all about the new carpet. We DID get the installers back, and now you can't even tell where the bunny was (except for the dent in our wallet).  Here it is on the stairs next to our old carpet - not an exceptional color difference, but just try walking on them :)

Or try staining the new one, since it's Stainmaster... though we're trying to refrain the kids from doing that! It's been a fun experiment trying to get everything back while NOT making it messy in the process and then keeping it PRISTINE.

Not for the sake of the carpet, just that once the room's clean it's easier to KEEP clean, so we're starting off on the right foot. The mature foot.  It's sure a foot I've rarely stood on, I'm the queen of "I'll pick that up later."  The bedrooms, VERY pristine.  The downsta...aaaaaahhhhhhh!  What is THAT mess?!?
Just keepin' it real, folks!  Just keepin' it real.


Kacy Faulconer said...

Thanks for keepin' it real. I wish I had stainmaster.

Kari and Jonathan said...

It looks SO great!! Your house looks like a brand new house! And it's SO clean and organized! I love it! Can't wait to come see it in a couple months.

Eric and Amy said...

That carpet looks very comfy for standing on. :) Certain rooms are easier to keep clean than others.