Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Wipeout

You, Reader of my Post:  Hey, Kirsta, do anything fun this weekend?
Me:  Oh, nothing, really, but I thought it was funny how many ER doctors had opinions on "4 kids." I just don't see what the fuss is about.
You: ER doctors?! What were you doing at the ER?
Me: Well, just making sure the pulsing pain in my leg wasn't a blood clot - can't be too careful, you know, especially after being in bed 24 hours straight.
You: What? Why were you in bed for 24 hours straight?
Me:  I had a really wicked case of strep thoat!  I didn't find that out until Saturday morning, though, 12 hours into my bed rest.  But I wouldn't have been worried about strep and bed rest causing a blood clot, except for my shots.
You: Oh, great, what's up with shots?
Me: Well, I take my blood thinning shots at night before bed because it's when I'm least likely to forget them, but for 2 nights I felt AWFUL before bed, so I figured I'd catch up on my shot the next day.  Sounds simple, but then the next day I felt WORSE and didn't take my shot AGAIN so for two consecutive days I missed blood thinning shots.
You:  Okay, IIIIII get it... so you felt yuck, didn't know why, and *innocently* missed your shots.
Me: Right on
You: So then you went to the doctor on Saturday and found out "yuck" was strep
Me: Correct-o-mundo
You: And then, laying around 24/7, no blood thinners in you, your leg started to hurt
Me: You got it!
You: So you went to the ER, where lots of people had opinions on "4 kids."
Me: You are soooooo good!  Where did I get a good listener like you? What's your IP address?  Anyway, in spite of widely varied opinion on family size, the two consensus opinions are that I do NOT have a blood clot, but I DO have a wicked case of Strep throat.  So "anything fun" THIS weekend included lots of doctors, lots of sleeping, barely any eating, forced drinking, at least 3 dozen pills swallowed while forced drinking (mostly pain meds), and NOT FORGETTING ANY MORE SHOTS.  What a perfect storm to make me TOTALLY WIPED OUT.  


Elsha said...

That weekend sounds not awesome at all. I hope you're feeling better!

Kari and Jonathan said...

My GOODNESS! I really hope you are feelings lots better and that no one else in the house gets it!!

Eric and Amy said...

Ugh!! Feel better soon.