Thursday, March 22, 2012

Unloading my life

If you read my blog, you already know me.  If you know me, you know things have been CRAZY 'round these parts.  First and foremost, we're expecting again!  But you already knew that because you already know me (and I already posted it on facebook). But you DIDN'T know that I get very tired when there's a bun in my oven, so the house has been roughly 8 1/2X messier than usual.  Poor Joe :(  So I've been dealing with sneaking in naps while pretending to do housework, but I am neither rested nor in a clean house, so I hope 2nd trimester lifts the napping urge.

Second, we had a lovely visit to Junction where we reunited with all my siblings - unusual, considering Karl avoids us like the plague.  Well, maybe like the swine flu :)  I kid (but we seriously never see him), but he decided to visit my parents so the rest of us swooped in on that visit and had a wonderful time!  It including a trip to the monument for grilling burgers and getting ridiculously dirty, a night without kids out to sushi, getting family photos with 8 kids/toddlers, lots of movies (for adults and kids alike), and my sister Elsha having a baby (my personal highlight, as I got to be there and cut the cord!). I have absolutely no pictures of any of this, but I took LOTS on my sister's camera... just use your imagination... well, don't imagine me cutting the cord...

At any rate, we got home to do laundry and get the house destroyed (remove furniture, clear out closets, general chaos) so that we could get carpet in.  Ahhhhh, glorious new carpet!  It is pleasing to the eyes and plush on the feet.  UNFORTUNATELY.... one of the kids let the rabbit out, unbeknownst to me (I've been keeping a KEEN eye on that fellow, he's a trouble maker), and when he was discovered, so was the hole in our new carpet.  Needless to say, he is living outside 100% of the time, forever, until he lives out his natural time or earth or until we decide to kill him (quite possible with that hole). Meanwhile, we'll get the installers back, we have loads of remnants for them to patch it, but seriously?  And, ironically, it's inches away from where the black paint was spilled oh-so-many months ago.  I think that niche is back luck.

Busy, n'est-ce pas? I'D say!


Kari and Jonathan said...

I was JUST getting on here to post pictures of Junction so you can refer people to my blog :)

And seriously, punch that rabbit in the face for me. (But don't, because he's so cute.)

Kathy said...

I am so sorry about your beautiful new carpet that I can't wait to see. Poor dumb bunny. I'd be pretty tempted to punch it in the face like your sister says, but it is so soft your hand would probably bounce right off. The move outside is probably the better idea. Let me know if I can take your kids so you can have a well deserved nap in peace.

Eric and Amy said...

It is the WORST to have your new flooring ruined. I hope you can get it patched soon.