Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wagon Train

Some of those tidbits I mentioned...

Patrick LOVES riding his bike. He's got good speed and has started getting good distance, even biking up a sizable hill to the neighborhood park. Now we're going for good endurance because I hooked up the wagon to the back of his bike (notice the tension in the rope tied between them).

Eli WANTS to bike around with Patrick, but can't reach the pedals of either bike that we have, so he often feels frustrated and left out. This was the perfect solution. It worked GREAT! I was really surprised that my contraption not only made it around the driveway, it cruised around our entire neighborhood! The only trouble was that Patrick was so excited, he kept checking behind him to make sure the wagon was still attached and Eli was still doing alright (notice the huge amount of slack in the rope). While he was checking he would run his bike off into the grass or lose his momentum and have a hard time getting started back up... it took a lot of convincing to let him know he was doing great and that he needed to keep up his speed so Eli didn't feel so heavy. Eli chilled out the whole time and didn't mind almost being flipped backward when Patrick would start suddenly after untangling his bike from the neighbor's shrubbery. Now THAT'S team spirit!

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Kari and Jonathan said...

That's so awesome! I'm impressed that both parties involved are cooperative! They're going to be best buddies growing up.