Saturday, April 9, 2011

Greased Lightening

Eli had some nasty eczema for a few months, starting in the winter time. Didn't think much of it, Patrick gets nasty skin in the winter, too, but Eli's kept getting worse and worse and WORSE. Hurt my eyes just to look at it! Finally it got to the point where he was scratching his dry, itchy skin until it bled (all together now: "ewwwww!") and the itchiness would wake him up at night. Not so good when you're already getting up with a baby at midnight. So we took him to the doctor, who prescribed some meds that worked wonder within a week - clear skin! He can wear shorts without any self-consciousness! (or would he have done that anyway?). The trouble with the prescriptions is getting them on him. One is a body oil, DermaSmooth, and you're supposed to apply it to damp skin. Sooooo... apply OIL to a SLIPPERY TODDLER who is already a DIAPER-CHANGE ESCAPE ARTIST.... it's like trying to catch greased lightning. I think Joe comes home late from work just to avoid being stuck with the task.

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Kari and Jonathan said...

First of all, I love how you said you get up with the baby at midnight.. I pretty much still get up with my 20-month old at midnight. Haha not really but you're blessed with a good sleeper!

The oil rubdown doesn't sound like too much fun. :( did you ever find out if he was allergic to anything also?