Friday, April 1, 2011


My religious faith is pretty strong, but my faith in humanity? Gone.

We got a call today from Geico, our insurance agency, to get Joe's permission to release the photos from his car accident back last June. They needed some backup because the person he hit got a LAWYER and is trying to file for damages that Geico deems a little excessive, and are refusing to pay for. SERIOUSLY, now. Joe was not speeding. He was not on his cell phone. He was not texting. He was not running a red light or a stop sign or failing to yield. He was not following too closely or driving erraticly. He was not drunk, not high, not on a strong dose of cold medicine. It was stop-and-go-traffic and traffic stopped more quickly than he realized, but he braked as hard as he could and rear-ended this lady not going more than 20 mph. It was and ACCIDENT in the most honest sense of the word. Minor cosmetic damages to both cars -back or hers, front of his. He didn't hit her hard enough for her to hit the person in front of her. She got out of the car, perfectly fine, she's only about 35 years old so she's not exactly old and frail, so at most I'm imagining she had a sore neck the next morning. When she and Joe got out of their cars her first words were "I hope you have insurance." NICE, lady, NICE. I guess we should have seen this coming....

So I'm standing strong on that religious faith and hoping that first, all the ambulance-chasing lawyers are sent to outer darkness, and second, that she gets hit by lightning as a sign from God, because she can't sue God for damages.

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Kathy said...

That stinks buckets. I hope nothing comes of it.