Monday, April 11, 2011

Various state of disrepair

I've noticed as I take and post pictures that there are varying states of disrepair at my house. I don't typically clean up just to take a photo, though I do clean up throughout the day, so it just depends on when the photo happens. Sometimes I go to post a picture and I think "I can't even post that, everyone will see how messy my living room is!" Or WAS, at that particular moment. So it's interesting to me to look through all my pictures and see not necessarily what the kids were doing but if the background behind them is good, bad, or ugly. I don't know if anyone else really notices this - do you? One things' for sure - taking a picture of a room you THINK is clean is the quickest way to discover what it really looks like. I just don't know how anyone can ever get their house to "Better Homes and Gardens" level.


Kari and Jonathan said...

I never notice your house in your pictures, but I do notice my house in mine! It's just one of those things. I also always wonder what people think of my pictures if they've never been to my house. Like, if they're trying to figure out how to "put my house together" based on my pictures. Is that weird?

hibiscusgirl said...

I never notice - plus why waste your time cleaning up a million times a day. enjoy the kids & the moments (<: you have the rest of your life to clean. you're kids will only be this age once!