Sunday, April 3, 2011

More Faith

No new info on the car accident situation, but today was an especially good day in terms of religious faith. General conference was excellent, was it not? My favorite talk was from Richard G. Scott on loving your wife; he had very humble stories and very good advice. Can't wait for the Ensign to come out to post it somewhere around the house (or in Joe's lunchbox - you know, a little light reading over his sandwich). Today has been ridiculous, weather-wise. This morning at 8 a.m. the boys wanted to roam outside, so Caroline and I sat out on the porch swing and the boys played in the dirt as usual. It was warm! Sunny! Not even a breeze! But I could see the clouds rolling in from the mountains, and by the time the 10 a.m. conference session started it was turning bitterly cold. By the time the session was over it had started to snow, so we gathered some firewood from outside and built a fire in our warm, cozy house. We even got out marshmallows and roasted them! During that time it snowed like CRAZY and before the 2:00 session started it had accumulated enough to build a snowman, so Joe went outside and had a snowball fight with Patrick and helped him build this beauty: Now it seems to be warming up a bit and starting to melt. Springtime in Colorado is quite possibly the most unpredictable thing I've ever encountered, and that includes toddler tantrums or how my day will go with three crazy kids. And that's saying something!

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Kari and Jonathan said...

I kind of hate Spring because of the weather. I'm not a fan of layering my clothes to prepare for anything, and I feel like Spring should always be at least warm-ish, so when it's not, I'm disappointed. That's a very cute snowman though!