Friday, February 12, 2010

Quick links

The blog where I saw the dollhouse pillowcase is called "Chasing Cheerios." The mom has two girls and is very into Montessori activities as she home-schools her older daughter, so most of her posts are about counting and sorting and that kind of thing, but she has a few FANTASTIC ideas that I (eventually) want to steal. Some are a little advanced for Patrick (he hates the doctor and would probably not touch the doctors kit for a while!) and some are for girls, since that's what she has, but I thought I'd link them up because they're so good, YOU should use them!

Awesome homemade doctors kit

Perfect hairdresser kit for kids

Great pretend makeup set, when you don't want your child to use your real stuff (this I might actually make for Patrick, he is always trying to steal my makeup and use the brushes and open the compacts and everything!)

Dollhouse pillowcase

...just in case you were looking for yet another project you don't have time for :)


Elsha said...

I'm ALWAYS looking for projects I don't have time for!

Jeanette said...

It turned out AWESOME. Great work!