Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bathroom, 99%

I haven't posted about the finished product of our bathroom remodel yet because, well, it's not finished. But it's SO CLOSE! We really got a lot done right up front, then got complacent, so it's remained a tad unfinished - Joe needs to add a few more caulk lines around the shower tile, I have tome touch-up on the accent stripe, and another coat of stain to put on the shelves. Since mostly that's not stuff you can see in pictures, I'm giving up and posting pictures as is, 99% done.

The nice, new bathroom floor with fixtures on it! That pedestal sink was about the death of Joe, I was very impressed he didn't punch a hole in anything while he was in the throes of that weekend-long frustration. I say: worth it. He says: never again.
Caught the doorway on the right-hand side of the photo, but oh well. You can see our new toilet, new towel bar (not '70s wood style), new shower curtain (it really matches the tile) and a bit of the painted accent border on the shower.

A very good picture of the accent border! The thought was to make it look like we WANTED that color of tile, not like "oh, man! Who chose THAT color that we're stuck with?" (our REAL sentiments). The new towel bar is actually hooks, where the old medicine cabinet was. We wanted to place the towels higher so they don't soak up all the heat when it's on - previously the towels on the bar hung about 3 inches directly above the heating vent. Warm towels, cold bathroom :(

A (tilted) photo of the open shelves we put in to replace the medicine cabinet we took out. With the pedestal sink we lost quite a bit of storage, but the linen closet across the hall takes care of extras (tp, towels, soaps, etc) and the shelves more than replace the lost counter space and medicine cabinet. The recess is actually painted the same color as the accent stripe, to bring the room together (since ya can't tell in the picture, I guess you'll have to come see for yourself).


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Looks wonderful!! You guys are so talented! I'm excited for you to help us with ours, especially after seeing this work of art. The shelves look really good, and they make me feel better about the sink, since I was nervous about no storage in the main bathroom. :)