Thursday, February 4, 2010

I was tagged, and that's serious business

The 5's Tag

10 Years Ago: 16 years old, but I put off getting my learner's permit, so I didn't have my driver's license yet. I was a sophmore in high school and just got my first boyfriend that January. Pretty exciting times!

5 Years Ago: I had just turned 21, a birthday I spent at home with the flu, celebrating with Elsha and her bf James. It was my first year at CSU, so I was taking a lot of mindless general ed classes and a few freshman interior design classes, hoping to get into the program.

5 Months Ago: Still anticipating the arrival of Eli. Not sleeping much. Definitely still working on the house - I wanted to get as much done as possible before he got here, when I knew I'd be getting NO sleep (oh, how wrong I was! thankfully!).

5 Things on my To Do list today:
1. Pack all my clothes, Joe's clothes, and the kids' clothes for the weekend
2. Do the laundry and PUT IT AWAY
3. Do the dishes so we don't come back to anything smelly
4. Take out the trash, same reasons and I need to do the dishes
5. Go to Junction!

5 Snacks I enjoy:
1. Cookies, esp. chocolate chip
2. cereal, especially at night
3. straight-up chocolate
4. hot chocolate
5. did I mention chocolate?

5 Things I would do if I were suddenly a billionaire:
1. Not tell anyone
2. Divvy it up with family and make THEM promise not to tell anyone
3. Pay off the house
4. Pay off all miscellanious debts, including going into debt for, and then paying off, a new car
5. Save, save, save

5 of my Bad Habits:
I'm going to write my bad habits of omission - I feel too exposed writing the bad habits I DO!
1. Not flossing
2. Not reading my scriptures
3. Not cleaning my house often/thoroughly enough
4. Not paying attention (if you have to repeat your name to me 6 times, that's why)
5. Not folding laundry after it's clean and dry

5 Places I have lived:
1. Grand Junction, CO
2. Laie, HI
3. Fort Collins, CO
4. Paris, France
5. Thornton, CO

5 Things people don't know about me:
1. I feel guilty a LOT. I try to use it to make myself a better person, but if someone lays bare something I feel guilty about I just want to curl up and die.
2. I'm not a very good driver (because I don't pay attention!)
3. Although I'm not particularly scared of dying, I am terrified of people I love dying.
4. I like to speak in public; I think I'm pretty good at it.
5. I often fill out these tagged posts and delete them before I post them (I did that a lot when I had myspace), because either their dumb and meaningless ("how tall are you?") or they're too exposing ("what are you most ashamed of?"). This one was a nice middle ground, so there ya have it!

I don't tag anyone, but feel free to fill it and and post it (or delete it, like I often do!)


Kari and Jonathan said...

Very interesting! If you would've posted a survey on myspace every day I would've read it becuase I love reading random facts about people!

Jeff and Andrea Ashmore Family said...

whoop whoop for Laie, HI! I love the "don't pay attention" confession. I can so relate to the name thing. It is so embarrassing!