Friday, May 8, 2015

War of Words

Ethan and Avery, only 6 months apart, 2.5 and 2 years old respectively, love to hate each other. They get along really well about once a month, and that day is GLORIOUS and the angels sing and mothers rejoice! But every other day there is much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth and finally giving up and going home to separate the two.

Just recently these two stinkers have taken it up a notch from simple stealing-your-toy-and-running-away or pushing-you-off-the-chair-I-wanted and now they are ARGUING. It it both maddening and hilarious!

I was curling my hair one morning and I warned the kids not to touch the curling iron. Avery will repeat whatever you say to her as a command to Ethan (even if it is Avery that I'm lecturing) so she turned to Ethan and told him, "don't touch, it's warm!" Ethan heard a decidedly different phrase and argued back, "it's NOT a worm!" Every: "It's warm!" Ethan: "it's NOT a worm!" After I finished laughing I had to intervene and explain to them both (after which Avery had to repeat what I said as a command to Ethan) that they were both right, they just hadn't understood what the other person was saying.

Phew! Crisis averted. For 2 second. They immediately began fighting over the bathroom door; Ethan wanted it open and Avery wanted it closed. I told them both to stop it, so Avery lectured Ethan, "you stop it!" Ethan screamed back, "I NOT stupid!" (sounding like "stop-id"). Avery: "you stop it!" Ethan: "I NOT stop-id!"

If you don't laugh, you'll cry...

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Elsha said...

I hope I get to see some of this next month!