Thursday, May 14, 2015

Today's dose of humor

Eli was singing "the ants go marching" and he got to five and couldn't remember what the ants were supposed to do. I was making suggestions (anything I remember ants doing while marching while I was growing up) but he insisted those we NOT the words he had learned in preschool. Unable to find just the right lyrics he went on to six, where the "ants go marching six by six, the little one stops to play and jix." Jix,,Eli? Are you sure? "Yes, jix! It's a kind of dance!" Jix, Eli? Are you SURE you're sure?? "Yes, we learned that in preschool!" So he keeps singing along, going back to one, and when he gets back to five he remembered, "oh yeah! The ants go marching five by five the little one stops to play and JIVE!'s a kind of dance. We learned that in preschool." So, apparently, if you replace the first letter of any number with a "j" it is a dance, as they teach you in preschool.

Ethan and Avery were (#shockingnotshocking) NOT getting along today. I split them up and as Avery walked away she lectured Ethan, "you a bad baby!" I corrected her and said, "Ethan is not a bad baby," but as she kept walking she muttered under her breath, "Ethan not a good baby..."

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