Thursday, May 21, 2015

crafty crafty crafty

Well you know us, we're always good for a random project... Just recently I got fed up with my craft corner in our basement. It was overstuffed, ugly, and not very functional. Form follows function, and both were missing in a big way! So I drew up some plans to remove the existing wall shelf and install base cabinets with a countertop and then some upper cabinets and open shelves. It'll be awesome! First things first: make a mess.
Good! That's done
Second, patch the drywall where the thoughtful owners prior just hung the wall cabinets over a gaping hole in the drywall rather than patch it. Projects (not partying) are such sweet sorrow...
 Ok! Patch is on it's way. Third, obtain cabinets for free from a nice neighbor who is remodeling her kitchen. This step leads to further steps because people don't often get rid of beautiful installation-ready cabinets for free... These outdated re-faces cabinets needed some love.
Step four - the inevitable step- hit pinterest, then hit the hardware store! Headboard wallpaper, craft sticks, and high-bonding primer will whip these cabinets into shape in no time.
 So there you have the progress so far. A messy basement, some half-finished cabinet doors, and some big dreams. It's gonna be EPIC.

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