Monday, May 11, 2015


The thing we will miss most about having the Phelps as our neighbors are having our kids be best friends.  And there's just no getting around that change, not really any silver lining of growth that I see, so we adults are feeling sad for that loss.

Apparently the kids are feeling it, too, and we will catch them at odd moments talking about the move. Joe drove around with Eli for a bit last night - my car battery had died so he was recharging it and driving around had to include a Loaf N' Jug stop for hot chocolate - and while they were cruising Eli was being very quiet and just looking out the window. Joe asked what he was thinking about, and he replied "I'm just thinking about Amelia moving." Just having a quiet moment to be serious about the big change :(

Today Caroline and Addilyn were eating their gourmet lunch of Ramen noodles and Caroline said, "I am sad I'm going to forget about you." AHH! My heart! That is the biggest thing we have felt sad about, that the kids are still so young they will barely remember, or not remember at all, that we shared these years together. Caroline is right! She probably WILL forget! Addilyn responded, "I don't like moving," to which Caroline suggested she come live with us! She has space in her room for another bed and they could share the room and live happily ever after. "But," Caroline admonished, "we need to ask your mom. She would be sad if she didn't know where you were." They both agreed.

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