Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's a DISEASE, I say

Joe and I have gone a little crazy on Amazon lately - it's a disease. And not the kind you pick up at the gym that gives you awful spots all over your face, this kind is FUN. A FUN disease because it drops off packages at your door, delivering beauty (new range hood)

and organization (new bike rack)

and fun! (old-school board games)

Ok, the first picture might not be "beauty" by your standards, but we ordered a new range hood for our stove, white instead of almond, and this one spans the length of the cabinets, reducing under-cabinet ugliness by 100%. Also, it matches the stove. Also, only $60, with free shipping! We couldn't resist the pull of Amazon. Trying to install it, the brick veneer was too tall, so one project led to another (as always) and we took out the bricks and put up new drywall in preparation from the new subway tile. Good thing we got the new hood, that tile could have sat in our garage all summer.

The second is not the actual bike rack we ordered, you can see that one's made from PVC pipe, and ours is metal, but I couldn't take a worthy picture of ours since there are no bikes in it today since we're all covered in snow. BUT. We have LOADS of bikes/scooters that litter our garage floor and that drive Joe insane (and that one day I will surely run over, since I couldn't even manage to miss Joe's CAR as I backed out of the driveway last week), so we got a bike rack for our back patio. We, and the garage floor, are VERY excited. As Joe wasin the midst of assembling the rack Eli said, "Dad, I am proud of you! But that looks terrible."  He was less-than-impressed at an incomplete project.

The third picture is one of my favorite childhood games, "Headache," which we ordered in an attempt to give variety to Patrick's single-minded pursuit of pleasure, known as "Trouble," another Pop-O-Matic game. Fun game, but I don't want to play it 35 times in one day. So we've been having fun with Headache, thanks to Amazon because it's impossible to find in any of our local stores.

All said and done, I'll take the Amazon disease any day over The Clap, even if these guys are pretty excited about it.


Elsha said...

I can't believe you backed into Joe's car. Brings back some memories :)

Jeanette said...

Amazon is fun (read: dangerous) at our house too. It's even more "fun" that I have an Amazon shopping app on my phone and it is so much fun to browse while nursing and sometimes (lots of sometimes) my finger hits the buy button. :-)