Thursday, April 4, 2013

1st Haircut

Carolee-aro-line got her first real haircut! I've trimmer some bangs at home for a while now, just as she seems to be annoyed by hair in her eyes, but she has a double cowlick in the back which makes ALL her hair go toward the front, so where do I stop? I could go crazy and give her a bowl-cut! So it's difficult for my thoroughly non-professional self to know where to start the bangs, and completely helpless to know how to deal with the rest of it. It's VERY cute when we put it up in a ponytail, but she hates having it brushed (weird, I know that's a trait totally unique to her, right?) and cries when we take the time to pull that pony together; then she does an excellent job of messing it all up or taking it out completely within the hour. So cute ponytail only got done about once a week. And that was by Kari during Sacrament meeting on Sunday. Caroline has been asking for a while to have it cut, so we thought it benefitted all parties involved! She had a date with dad to Supercuts and they came back very happy.

I wasn't personally thrilled with the outcome. I was happy they had a date and I didn't have to take her and all that, and hair grows so it's whatever, but I feel like even my thoroughly non-professional self could have done THAT at home. The bangs are a bit too short, and I don't like how it comes up in the front - it accentuates her chubby cheeks. Just when she was starting to look older, now the baby chub is front and center. Joe said he requested it that way since she's always brushing the hair out of her face. Functional, yes; cute... questionable. What it REALLY reminded me of was the daughter on Cinderella Man. Tell me you agree.  

Now I think it's a cute haircut straight from the 1930's. In the meantime, hooray for not fighting the Battle of the Brush every time she gets out of her bed or carseat!


Kari and Jonathan said...

In my professional esthetician opinion, she looks adorable! And you've inspired usto cut Amelia's! I really want it to be long and beautiful, but the fact of the matter is it's long and NOT beautiful because of the whole Battle of the Brushing. She has plenty of years ahead to have it long and brush it herself, so for now it's going to be short and manageable. (As of next Friday.)

Elsha said...

I think it's cute! I also think I need to cut Kalena's again. Or get it cut, rather. I can't do bangs though, because they'll just end up long and in her face.