Thursday, April 4, 2013

All THREE boys at 6 months: a comparison

I was looking for another old post a while ago and came across a comparison post about Eli and Patrick at 6 months old! So fun to read. So I thought I'd add on! All three boys now.

Ethan isn't crawling but is sososososososososo CLOSE! Just over Easter weekend he went from permanently beached on his tummy, to up on his knees, to up on his knees with his diapered bum in the air rocking... I have a feeling crawling will happen very soon! In the meantime he does a sunny-side-up version of Eli's face-scoot; he arches his back so his heels and the crown of his head are touching the ground, then pushes off and makes headway. He was sunny-side up when he was born, perhaps this is an extension of that :)

Yeah, that's a wet spot on his front. I like to let him have some "fresh air" time and he invariably un-freshens his location.
Here's Patrick about the same age and skill level - rocking but not quite crawling yet (notice the frustrated face). Early 6-months.

Ethan is teething terribly, it's really killed his sleep, and, by extension, MY sleep. Mommy no likey. So we've been trying infant Tylenol and infant Advil and Orajel, but what REALLY works is me shutting our door and turning the fan on high so I can't hear him. After I've done all I could do and he's still waking up every 45 minutes, I figure at least ONE of us should be getting sleep!  I'd be much more patient and loving and everything if I weren't getting up every 45 minutes, so around 2 a.m. I give up. It eventually works anyway and his crying tires him out enough to sleep from 2 a.m. to 7 or 8 a.m.  SAD to be thrilled about that after reading that Eli slept through the night from 6 weeks on. Also SAD to remember what a struggle it was to sleep-train Patrick at 12 months old because he was old enough to see through our tricks, so I think 6 months is a pretty decent time - not too early, not too late. That fan might be turned on for a few days or weeks to come.

He's had trouble with constipation since he was only 2 months old, but at 4 months the pediatrician said I could give him juice to help. Now he gets 4-6 ounces of watered-down apple juice each day and it's helped a bunch. Now just about every morning I look forward to changing a blow-out diaper! Considering the alternative, I'm THRILLED to change such a messy poop. Poor guy doesn't need un-impacted teeth AND anal fissures.

Overall he's a very happy, still very spitty, recently very drooly, little boy. He's very much the star of the show with the kids, who all want (they think need) to be touching him. Or wrestling him.

Here's Eli at 6 months, still not crawling, but looking pretty similar to Ethan!


Kari and Jonathan said...

Love comparison posts! And love Beef Man. I can't believe how old he's getting right before our eyes.

Eric and Amy said...

We used a fan a lot in Espen's early days - after trying everything we could think of first. Good plan to get some rest for the following day!