Friday, December 21, 2012

Time for Tea

Joe's parents got Caroline a tea set for her birthday.  I figured Eli might steal it, he really likes the toy teapot at Kari's house, but I hadn't figured it would be SO popular! It's made from recycled milk jugs so it's safe for real food (and dishwasher safe, a "must" in my house since I'm the laziest handwasher you've ever seen) and the teapot has a real spout, so we've been enjoying tea parties at our house.  Not drinking tea, of course, we have KoolAid and hot chocolate parties instead, with marshmallows for lumps of sugar.
Patrick takes it very seriously, and is the only one who doesn't spill all over.
Caroline is a mess (notice the beginning of the mess doesn her shirt)
Eli likes to be the pourer. By "likes" I mean "throws a tantrum if someone else pours"
 And here are my Tea Partiers! It's a nice way to start the day.


Kari and Jonathan said...

Too cute.

Elsha said...

Kalena will be SO excited to have a tea party when we're there! She plays tea party all the time here (although I rarely let them have anything in the teapot.) Remind me to tell you about the time dad filled her sugar bowl with ACTUAL SUGAR. (Huge mess.)

Eric and Amy said...

Oh for cutes!!!!