Monday, December 17, 2012

How's Caroline?

Caroline is great! Joe attempted potty-training and she flatly refused. It's the first time one of his ideas that I thought wouldn't work out, didn't work out! So I'm about 1 for 5.
She's started to pick out some of her own outfits now, she's still in love with shoes and will try on anyone and everyone's.
She loves to sing and often surprises me by singing songs I have never sung to her like "Nephi's Courage" from Primary. She sings very softly, though, so you really have to listen.
Her official birthday was yesterday, so she's finally 2 years old, but she still prefers to hold the silverware in one hand and pick up her food with the other - it drives Joe crazy!
She's obsessed with lotion and handsoap, which frequently gets her into trouble; if she's being too quiet, you'd better hope it's not because you left the lotion on the bathroom counter! (It usually is).
She loves Ethan in a messed-up way: she purposely pokes or squishes him to make him cry, then comforts him! I don't know if she likes his sad/mad face or if she likes the comforting aspect, but it's totally annoying to us since we can't leave her alone with him in the room.
She's a total nose-picker and when she's sad she's got a digit up the nostril for comfort; it's the strangest comfort mechanism I've ever seen! At least she doesn't eat the gold she finds, she always brings it to me for a kleenex (hey, we moms gotta find the silver lining somewhere!).
She is often sad, anything that touches her in a less-than-pleasant way is immediately whined about; we jokingly refer to it as her fibromyalgia, as in "did you hurt your fibromialgia?" (her arm, leg, toe, etc) to which she always replies "yah." 
She likes to draw but without fail she leaves the marker lids OFF. Drives ME crazy.
Likes to drive Eli crazy by stealing his toys. Eli, rather than retaliating, usually falls to the floor and buries his fists in his eyes.  Not so tough for a guy who instigates wrestling with his dad and Patrick.
She's been great sleeping in her big bed, she doesn't get out unless someone comes to get her out, but she WILL try to be sneaky and walk her hands on the floor while her feet are still on the bed, trying to reach something or just be out of bed without being out of bed.  Apparantly she understands technicalities!

And that's Caroline.


Elsha said...

Can't wait to see her!

Kari and Jonathan said...

Sometimes she does the hurt/comfort thing to Addilyn too.. I think she just likes to play mommy. Maybe we hurt and then comfort our kids. Hahahaha. ;) I do have to say, she's the dang quietest talking 2 year old i've ever heard. She's gonna have to speak up to get a word in over her brothers, but it is so adorable when you catch her singing or reading a book. It's fun for us to be so close to get to know your kids true personalities.

Eric and Amy said...

That bit about her fibromyalgia made me laugh out loud. It sounds like she can hold her own with all those brothers!