Wednesday, August 17, 2011


We had another GREAT time at the Pirate Park this week - we called Joe's grandma to come along, since she lives so stinkin' close, and she made us SO glad we called because she took us out to lunch afterwards! Country Buffet. We were 1 of 2 families in the entire restaurant that included people under the age of 55. The arrival of lunchtime was hastened by Patrick doing a swan dive off the fake mountain onto the fake ground (well, it really was the ground, but the surface is recycled rubber, so it's not REAL ground, like dirt) and getting the kind of goose egg that goose eggs are named after. It was huge! Swelled right off his head, black and blue with a rasberry in the middle. By the time we got home it had calmed down to this (on his upper right side, the shiny spot is actually dimension, it was still a bit raised)... Hardly photo-worthy, but we gave it a shot. THIS was photo-worthy, though - After lunch Joe's grandma handed me a stack of pictures of Joe, from cute li'l tyke to high school senior (and all the awkward stuff in between). That was Joe at age 4. They have the same haircut!


Kari and Jonathan said...

Um, why did he do a swan dive onto the ground?!? What a goober. Give his head a kiss for me. And also, holy CRAP he looks so much like Joe! That's crazy!

The Miz said...

Awe, poor Patrick. He really is the spittin' image of Joe though.

Rebecca Aycock