Sunday, August 14, 2011

Children's Museum

Last year my friend Jeanette lent us a guest pass to the Children's museum - Patrick had a blast, and Eli, while a little too young to have a blast, per say, sure enjoyed himself. I was finally scrapbooking pictures of that trip the other night and I realised how much MORE they would enjoy the museum now that they're bigger, and even Caroline could get in on the action since she crawls and cruises (you read that, CRUISES. On furniture and stuff. It's freaky). So I consulted Joe, it happened to be a Wednesday afternoon, so I took the kids, bought a family pass, and Joe met us there for an evening of fun. I hardly took any pictures, I figure we'll be all over that place like flies on stink this year. PLENTY of opportunity for candids. But this is what I got. Shrimp boat cap'ns, and one railroad engineer. The other two promptly threw their caps on the floor.