Tuesday, January 25, 2011


My parents got a musical card for Patrick, thinking he might like it. They were right! He stood by the couch, opening and closing it, for a solid half-hour (as much time as it took us to do every activity as his party today!) Later he really got into the dancing part of it, and Eli would dance along with him... but of course not in this video. My kids rarely perform when there's a camera pointed at them. Luckily, Patrick was in a dancing mood :)


hibiscusgirl said...

we have SOOOO many of those cards. I had to hide them for a while. happy birthday patrick. Max wants nothing to do with being 3, doesn't like birthday's. just wants to be 2. I think someone said something a long time ago & he's got it in his head. my friend's 4 year old did the same thing on his 3rd bday. oh well, maybe next year!

Eric and Amy said...

Happy birthday Patrick! I hope you like being 3.

The camera definitely shuts off cute behavior at our house too. Lucky you captured some of the dancing.