Sunday, January 23, 2011

Getting closer

Things are coming together a bit more in the kitchen - I have most of the shelves re-covered in contact paper, since we weren't going to paint them and have everything stick to the paint. Now all the cabinets are finished and glossed so we can hang the doors (hopefully tonight!) and we've been getting things off the table and put back away (see?).
In addition to painting we also got a completely new pantry cabinet - it's huge! I'm looking forward to stuffing it full of food :) Joe also got a trash/recycle roll-out for the cabinet next to the new pantry so we won't have our garbage sitting out! This is good for two reasons: first, you won't have to see it (the obvious benefit) and second, Eli will have a much more difficult time throwing things away while I'm not looking. It'll be especially hard if we put a child lock on the cabinet...though that will make me less motivated to throw things away and trash sitting on the counter in plain sight kind of defeats the purpose of such a handy contraption. We'll see how long it lasts before the roll-out becomes a "toy" for the boys and needs to be locked up. In the meantime, we had out first meal back in our dining room in over a week and we're looking forward to getting our house back!


Kari and Jonathan said...

And what a yummy meal it was!! Thanks!

Elsha said...

I love the added cabinet! I asked Brian if he could find me space for a pantry. He said sure, as soon as we get a new furnace and water heater than we'll have some extra room in there. So apparently a pantry is going to cost like $5000 at our house.