Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sleeping Beauties

We've found the boys in pretty funny sleep positions lately, so we had to take some pictures.
Although I've never before been a fan of such long, dark hours I am really starting to LIKE it! Eli goes to bed when it's dark (6:00 or soon thereafter) and wakes up when it's light (7:30) - it's crazy! Such great nights have whittled him down to one nap during the day, but whatever, it's amazing to have such a quiet evening. Where I used to dread the evenings because from 5:00 I'd be longing for bedtime that was still hours away, now it's, "5:00! Dinner, baths, pajamas, and I'm DONE!" Likewise, Patrick goes to bed at 7 and gets up at 7, so the long, dark wintery evenings are beginning to be something I look forward to. Happy sleeping!


Elsha said...

Lucky! I wish the dark meant more sleep around here.

Kari and Jonathan said...

Great pictures!! Jonathan thought the top picture was Patrick.. Guess they're related ;)

Eric and Amy said...

Those do sound like lovely evenings. Enjoy the much needed rest!